Month: May 2016

A Game Coming Up July 1st. Odds, 7.5

Just in, a game from Brazil coming up on the 1st of July. It is gonna end a goalless draw. Save the date. Now I won’t be saying the names of the teams or the time of the game, I already told y’all it is gonna be a goalless draw. Price- $200 Odd- 7.5 Email:…

No Games Yet

I have been finding it difficult getting games, but y’all should be rest assured I would keep y’all informed immediately I find a good one. I am not one who would simply drop a game because I want your money, I want to make sure we win together every single time we place a game….

Thank You Sigma Olomouc!!

It took 88 minutes but Sigma came through. Our pick was a game producing more than 5 goals and yesterday’s game ended 6-0. Congratulations to the winners. I got a lot of complaints due to my inability to anounce that game on time, I’d do my best to correct this next time but sometimes I…

Short Notice!

This game will be played in 3 days,  I couldn’t get this on time. For those who would see before kick off, good for you. Czech Republic Synot liga Sigma Olomouc v Teplice Date- 14th April Time- 14.30 (GMT) ********* Odd- 8.49 Price- $300. Here is a screenshot from the previous fixed game:

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