Hello everyone, it has been a wonderful year, and it is only going to get better. I started posting fixed football matches on this website in August 2014, and have built up a very strong and loyal audience from then, in that time a lot of bettors who used to bleed money to the bookmakers have recovered their losses and have now made humongous profits from betting on my fixed games.

I understand however that not everyone is able to subscribe to the fixed games due to the price, it is for this group of individuals and to celebrate the 7th year of consistent winnings with existing subscribers that I am announcing a free fixed football game. The details are:

Date: August 8

Costa Rica Primera Liga

Alajuelense v Cartagines
Odds- 33
Expected result: 2-3

Place your bets with as high a stake as you can afford, our expected result wouldn’t fail. Cheers.